Create a 17 pages page paper that discusses integrated academic report-the innovation and change of Apple has faced lots of ups and downs their corporate history. however, they were able to overcome all the challenges with the help of carefully planned business strategies. During the latter part of 1990 and at the beginning of 2000, Apple has introduced many innovative products like iPhone, iMac, iPad, iPod, iTunes etc in the market. All these products helped Apple to regain its lost place in the market. Apple delivers more than what they promise which is the major reason for the popularity of Apple brand all over the world. Even though Apple succeeded in grabbing the spot from Microsoft as the most valued technology company in the world, they need to continue their innovation and change management process in order to sustain their top place in the market. Apple’s current business strategies are rotating around their charismatic leader Steve Jobs and once Steve decides to quit, Apple may face lot of leadership troubles. This report briefly analyses the innovation and change management process implemented in Apple which helped Apple to attain the top spot in the market. Introduction “Apple was founded in Cupertino, California on April 1, 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne” (Apple Inc. History, 2008). The 35 years of Apple’s history is mixed with ups and downs. The company faced major challenges in the 1990’s when their major competitor Microsoft introduced their Window based operating system in the market. However, Apple was able to bounce back in the beginning of the twenty first century with the help of innovation and change management principles implemented in the organization. Apple Inc caught the attention of the public recently when they surpass Microsoft in market capitalization. Apple Company is currently operating internationally and has more than 200 retail stores in different countries. Apple’s need for innovation General imperatives in computer industry sector Computer industry is mainly dominated by some big players like Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Motorola, Linux etc. The operating system industry is monopolized by the Microsoft whereas the personal computer manufacturing is controlled by the IBM.