Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on diary entries (about a brit lit character). Diary Entries of Hamlet 25th March 635 My Dear Friend, It has been a while since I last penned down some of the orbital issues happening here at the palace recently. My dear Queen has been relentless in inviting my brother over. I love my brother dearly, although I do not look forward to his vacation stay at the palace. I know my Queen has some unvoiced intentions that she would never share to anyone. I am bent on finding out what makes her so eager to invite my brother over. In fairness to her, her brilliance managed to make her intentions appear chiaroscuro to others. Fortunately, it does not work with me. It is very clear to me that there is something lurking beneath that casual hospitality. Well then, let me attend to other matters my friend. It has been hours since I went up here to my favorite room at the mezzanine. Yours, H. 23th April 635 My Dear Friend, It has been almost a month since I last shared my reflections with you. I am holding a cameo medallion that I gave to my Queen during our wedding. Oh and yes! The ring! That wonderful piece of intaglio jewelry that she loved very much. The stones were embedded beyond the gold’s surface. I cannot forget the look on her face when I gave the pieces to her. I wonder what’s happening between us now. She seems distant. Anyway, I need to go as it seems I lost track of time. I hear the morning sound of the campanile from the nearby chapel already Yours, H. 1st May 635 My Dear Friend, My dear Queen is very happy with my consent to invite my brother over. She is talking about having a palace ball, to coincide with our anniversary. She is thinking of ordering some fresco paintings for the rotunda, the palace hall where she intends to accept the majority of the guests. Also, she mentioned about using a new type of wares called majolica. She mentioned how colorful the earthenwares are, and she wants the guests to be served in a new fashion. Who am I to disagree with my lovely Queen? Yours, H. 13th May 635 My Dear Friend, I went downtown to the rialto to personally look for jewelries for my Queen that I will present to her on the day of our anniversary. I am amazed to see wonderful displays of fresco paintings and those colorful earthenwares my Queen was raving about. Her tastes are excellent. The moment I saw the fresco paintings, I knew it would suit well to the rounded walls of the rotunda in the palace. I wonder thought what my Queen plans regarding the portico, for it sure needs attention should she want to have matching decors. I remember how my dearest mother used to have special vines hanged along the columns of the portico, so every time my brother and I walk along it, there is this special scent of fresh countryside. I wonder if my Queen has similar tastes too, as she never showed any interest in plants before. I will try to tell you more about the ball next time, my loyal friend. Yours, H. 9th June 635 My Dear Friend, The celebration went well. My Queen was astoundingly beautiful in the new set of intaglio jewelries I gave her. I also did not notice weeks ago that she had the portico renovated. The columns are of stucco finish and very elegant. They remind me of the great columns of the chapels not so far from the palace. The guests admired the fresco paintings hanging on the rotunda walls. Even my brother could not help but smile at the wonderful renovations that happened. They were truly amazing to the eyes. The earthenwares also proved to be magnificent in holding food and wines. It felt like I was taking a sip from a jewelry-studded chalice. I am sure the guests felt the same. Anyway my friend, I am retiring for the night. I will now head to my chamber. My brother stays at one of the rooms here at the mezzanine. I will join my Queen at the upper floor shortly. Yours, H. 1st December 635 My Dear Friend, I could not believe that it has been months again since I last felt your comforting silence as I pen down my musings. My army is planning a great invasion and with all the help of God, we will return victorious. My upper torso has been aching a lot recently, and it would not serve me good to feel this should the invasion commence in a fortnight. My beloved Queen gave me something to drink that came out of rare leaves with a mixture of aloe. I hope by tomorrow my torso will return to its normal state. I will retire for the night now, my friend. Yours, H. References Bloom, Harold, and Brett Foster. Hamlet. New York: Bloom’s Literary Criticism, 2008. Print. Easy Read Dictionary Italian. Langenscheidt Pub Inc, 2009. Print.