Write a 8 pages paper on which theorie of truth is the most credible. Lastly, they argue that a proposition becomes true if it aids the believer in achieving desirable results (42). My main objective in this paper is to do a deep analysis of the three theories and validate my dissertation that the correspondence theory is the strongest of all the theories.This theory qualifies a belief to be the ‘truth’ if it achieves desirable results for the believer Truth, according to this theory, consists in its practical effects on our daily endeavors. This theory has been disputed too. According to this theory, the utility of a belief qualifies it. But is the usefulness of a belief predictable? As an example, assume we believe that the world will end in 2015. The truth to this isn’t in any book for us to check but according to the pragmatic theory, we have to determine its effect on us. The question would be, how can we predict this, yet we cannot tell what the effects would be before it actually happens? Pinning down the aftermath of our beliefs is majorly what flaws this theory since it’s pretty hard. Many objections have also revolved around the idea of ‘work’ as used in this theory since it states that the truth is what works. But what exactly it means for an idea to work?One view is that a theory is vindicated if it corresponds almost accurately to reality. If I theorize that the white house will forge a ceasefire agreement with the Syrian government by the end of 2013 and indeed the deal is sealed by this time, the theory is vindicated. However, this assumes a correspondence view of truth in that the predictive proposition-ceasefire agreement by the end of 2013-is indeed verified by the happening of the results as predicted. On the other hand, work gains relevance to an individual if the beliefs he/she holds remain worthwhile, regardless of the effects. Both of these views, however, are just optimistic views, which may be true or false.