Provide a 7 pages analysis while answering the following question: Features of the Film Story Lagaan. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Its the close of the 19th century and Great Britain controls India. The story begins in the village Champaner of central India in the year 1893. The farmers have been waiting for the monsoons to rain on their crops but to no advantage. Over and above, the local British ruler Captain Russell (Paul Blackthorne) has ordered the villagers to give double tax – ‘Lagaan,’ forcing them to hand over a certain portion of their crops, despite the consequences of how good or bad the harvest has been. Aamir Khan stars as Bhuvan, the village hero who goes and pleads with Captain Russell to relax the tax during a drought year. But the evils minded Captain Russell challenges Bhuvan and his village to face a cricket match. He sets a bet with Bhuvan. If the villagers win the cricket, the tax is lifted for three years and if they lose, they have to pay triple lagan (tax). Bhuvan finds no other way to save the villagers from the Lagaan and finally agree with Captain Russell to play the cricket match. A good amount of time in the movie shows the villagers prepare for the big game since the villagers are quite new to this game, and the last 80 minutes of the film is mainly dedicated to the game itself. Along with, the usual love triangle raises its head, between the village girl Gauri (Gracy Singh), who has loved Bhuvan since from their childhood, and Captain Russell’s sister, the Englishwoman Elizabeth (Rachel Shelley), who clandestinely sneaks away to support and teach the villagers the rules of the game and learns to speak Hindi with amazing speed. The movie also discovers political and class relations by building its team from a range of citizens, from a spiritualist to an untouchable (Anderson, 2001).As a captain of the team, led by Bhuvan and supported by Russell’s sister Elizabeth (Rachel Shelley), the villagers begin to learn cricket. As time goes by, more and more villagers came forward to join Bhuvan’s team. Bhuvan selects them on merit, paying no&nbsp.attention to religion and caste.&nbsp.