I need some assistance with these assignment. innovation: customer satisfaction Thank you in advance for the help! It is evidently clear from the discussion that the companies were not willing to embrace the new innovation since these companies were capitalizing with strategies of boosting the element of profit-making. The companies believed that concentrating on customer satisfaction would decrease their revenue. We discovered that there was no strong link between customer care and business strategies, thus our innovation of promoting customer care will provide a success to the company thus benefiting the company and the customer. The element of customer satisfaction has grown in the recent decades, however, one element has remained unsolved because many companies have emphasized the aspect of profit making. Companies have in the past concentrated on promoting the customer satisfaction through an allocation of extra funds. The articles look at how many companies and individuals strive to balance the element of profit making with the aspect of customer satisfaction. We believe customer satisfaction as a strategy largely depends on the decisions made by the managers and the competition aspect of the business. In the interview, 3 managers and 4 customers were interviewed on the view of the element of customer satisfaction. The three managers expressed their concern that customer satisfaction is not possible to undertake, but according to them, there is a need to establish viable policies within the business plan. They believe that customer satisfaction is hard to undertake and time-consuming. On the hand, clients had the different perspective and feeling on the aspect of customer satisfaction. The customer felt that the companies should fully venture on the aspect of customer satisfaction as they believed this has been fully emphasized in the business environment.