Hi, need to submit a 500 words paper on the topic Just a general or of purpose. ment of Purpose Life is quite complicated and a person learns with the passage of time as to what should be adopted and what not. While studying in graduation, I never intended to do masters in Biochemistry but my life till today taught me that I have to do masters in Biochemistry to facilitate people who need me. Many factors pushed me towards this choice. Online tutoring to K-12 students about Biochemistry, my father’s diabetic problem and some outstanding research work, all structured my way towards selecting the field of Biochemistry as my future field. I completed my graduation from California State University, Northridge (CSUN) and want to gain masters degree in Biochemistry for further paving my way for PhD in the field in order to carry on research work on Cancer, drugs, therapies to fight diseases like diabetes and cardiac problems. I almost spent two years in online tutoring K-12 students about Biochemistry. During my graduation, I never chose Biochemistry as my future field due to which, I lacked research work on the subject. I kept myself abreast with the latest developments in the field during the pause period of 2 years in my studies. Teaching Biochemistry fuelled the passion to seek higher education in the field. In addition, my father suffers from diabetic problem. this motivated me to find out reasons and choose right drugs for curing such ailments. I started tutoring Biochemistry for the reason to keep myself updated about the fast changing technologies in the field. I also read about the health effects of the increased number of diesel-powered cars on the roads. Biochemistry holds variety of interesting fields like dentistry, food science, agriculture and veterinary medicine. I am attracted to clinical chemistry where biochemists can carry out research on the diagnosis, causes of disease, and therapy to seek help in developing drugs to combat a disease. Splendid research work of classified specialists like, Dr. Jheem Madh’s and Dr. Paula Fischhaber’s at CSUN including other faculty members of Biochemistry department will guide my research work and me in academics. I want to do masters from CSUN followed by PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular biology and then research work on Biochemistry. My research work will focus on cancer. work in developing drugs, therapies to fight illnesses like diabetes and heart ailments. I want to devote my time to teaching students and to cure people suffering from complicated ailments. My first research interest is “protein Biochemistry of DNA repair”. I want to seek guidance from Dr Fischhaber’s research work in the field. Dr. Jheem Madh has done research on atherosclerosis, a common form of arteriosclerosis in which, fatty substances form a deposit of plaque on the inner lining of arterial wall. She worked on biochemical basis for the development and progression of cardiovascular diseases, meaning of essential components in disease generation pathway, the cellular events involved and how each component affects. I am inspired by Dr. Hajdu’s work on elucidation of the mechanism of action of lipolytic enzymes specifically phospholipase A2, he has studied mechanism of action of this enzyme and has designed phospholipase inhibitors. I want to learn from his research work in the field. I have made the aptitude for Biochemistry by completing BS and then teaching to students online, now it has become my passion to help the society by working in the field of Biochemistry. Obviously, higher studies in the field would only enable me to fulfill my aim. I am eager to work with Dr. Jheem Madh, Dr. Paula Fischhaber and Dr. Hajdu if I get admission in this university and will consider myself fortunate enough to learn from the experiences of aforementioned professors.