Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Women in abusive relationships. Abuse in relationships is of varied forms like, sexual assault, physical violence as well as emotional torment. However, there have been intense debates as to why abusive relationships still exist and why others find it hard to give up on their abusive partners. In many instances, studies show women find it hard to put off abusive relationships where they find themselves as victims (Bracken, 2008). Therefore, they make hard decisions to persevere and suffer in silence. The latter has adverse effects to women who find themselves as victims as well as people around her. For instance, her concentration at work is lost and at times, her children may suffer from the emotional setbacks due to their mother. However, women usually have diverse ways of reacting to abusive relationships (Evans, 2010). Among them include various factors which they safeguard if they choose to be out of those relationships like children or desperation (Stark, 2007). However, interventions of such organizations and programs have not been enough to curb the menace because the statistics are still high. The main question that comes from these results is what is the main solution to curb the vice? Thesis: Various factors lead to intimate partner violence in the world where the female gender usually comprise majority of the victims in those relationships despite preferring to stay in them for varied reasons. As various institutions, programs and organizations to fight the menace continue to increase, the number of women in abusive relationships is significantly quite evident. Hence, prompting the unlikely question that pops up concerning why women involve themselves in abusive relationships (Hatcher, 2013). One would ask what attracts women to relationships where they experience assault. In many circumstances, women find themselves at the receiving end of an abusive spouse mainly because they lack proper financial support on their part. In most cases, women think usually thing of good lifestyle, which they will enjoy and how they stand to benefit from the marriage (Hatcher, 2013). Because of the latter idea, they involve themselves into abusive marriages blindly not knowing of potential repercussions of their actions. Additionally, researchers cite that a spouse who have become victims or witnessed abuse in their family origin, in many instances learn from the menace and become violent to their spouses.(Stark, 2007). However, the theory is also not widely supported because it does not explain how victims of child abuse or partner violence amongst parent end up being violent against their spouses in future. Research done in various countries indicate that there is a persistent increased risk of intimate partner violence among women who have been on the receiving end of child abuse or witnessed abusive relationships among their parents. Scientists explain the latter through PTSD symptoms, which encompasses of childhood trauma (Evans, 2010). Childhood trauma often occurs in the wake of an abusive relationship and often combined with depression, which may make it more difficult to escape from an abusive relationship once it occurs (Bracken, 2008). Scientists also show that PTSD or depression may lead to decrease in the ability for someone to recognize and respond to signals of danger. The mental distortion in most cases puts these women at risk of future victimization thus decreasing their chances of escaping after being with an abusive partner.