Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on vitality and fiction in the series modern family Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! We can see the difference in Phil family: the father and mother are worried about their daughter Haley, but she takes the worry away. She thinks her parents think of her as being stupid. This is evident when they go out for dinner, and she revealed to him about what she is doing and planning to do in her life. We can see that the younger siblings have a difference with her elder sister leading them not to get along well. The opposite gender attends dinner considering the reunion piece of narration, same-sex persons attend a dinner. The activities surrounding the Father and son are directed and dominated by the father, whereas the Modern family piece of work portrays mutual and equal sharing of capabilities from the two mates. We can see the family theme in the whole TV show. The persons portrayed are in a family union, and they try to bring up their kids in the right way according to societal morals. Jay brought up his adult kids and now is having other kids meaning this family thing is very important for the show (John). We can also see Mitchell in a family despite not having his own kids yet he went on to adopt kids. Modern family shows the way current people should live while the reunion portrays the real disposition of families. They are related, but they do their own things as a family. They show the difference between the traditional families and the modern family. How they do things differently unlike the old days. With the advancement, things are done from a different perspective. From this, we can see why there is the difference in modern families when compared to the families which existed in the past. The main reason being every family does their own different things and hence, vary a lot. There is also the difference because every person in terms of holding an opinion of different things and everybody thinks he/she is right (John). Different from the reunion piece of work, which features a domineering father over his child, the participation of individuals in the modern family affair is at an equal platform.