Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on features of pop art Paper must be at least 250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Features of Pop Art Introduction This paper is focused to reveal the features of pop art, social and political climate that inspired the pop artPop art is used to make the artistic statements by incorporating the consumers’ objects and icons to popular cultures through the advertising, television features and comic stripes. Pop art is focused on the features of everyday life. and ironic, deliberate, impersonal, amoral as a classical or cool style. Main objective behind creating the pop art was to create a type of art with the instant meaning. This art was crafted to narrow the gap between certain elements of fine arts and commercial arts. Pop art reflected Paintings and films of Warhol. Pop art as a term was first coined in England in 1950s that reflected theme of commodification of culture. As pop art showed the mixture of two well recognized arts like commercial and fine. so it is also known as an art. Social and cultural conflicts of feministic movement between 1960 and 1970 paved the way of pop art. Women were treated on unequal basis to men in those days of history. Anti war artists combined together against Vietnam war. Culture is the synonymous of novel, poetry and painting. and pop culture is known as ‘the jazz’, rock and pop music, films, advertising and commercial radio. All these elements have been not focused before the pop art movement. Present day, various Pokémon figures including Pikachu that relate to cultural importance are example of pop art. Cartoon icons Yu-Gi-Oh and Doraemon are another present day examples of pop art. Incisive marketing has been regarded as the major catalysts for commodification of the art. ConclusionIn this paper, pop art has been featured as an incorporating of popular cultures to consumers’’ objects and icons. Pop art has been reflected as a theme of cultural commodification.