Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Major project. It needs to be at least 1000 words. Therefore, it seems that the company had a policy of hiring from outside other than promoting its employees. The benefits of promotion from within policy to any firm are many. Promoting employees from within motivates thee employees to do even better, since they feel that their efforts and handwork has been recognized by the employer. It serves to increase the productivity of the employees (Clark, 2003). Furthermore, promoting the employees from within serves to attract potential employees willing to advance in their career path through the organization ladder. Promotion from within policy makes the company adopt a leadership training strategy, where it constantly trains and prepares its employees for future leadership roles in that company. Section II The company runs such an article as a first page cover, since the failure of the Human Resource function has proved so apparent. Since the Human Resource department in any organization is the backbone of the organization, in that it provides the company with the most significant resource, its failure earns the department a bad reputation. The performance appraisals are so time consuming, yet they are not utilized for the benefit of the company or the employees. The departments are very bureaucratic and involve a lot of paper work (Hammonds, 2005). To avoid building such bad reputations, HR should hire the best, nurture their talents and provide favorable working environment for employees. Section III Question 1 The importance of a sound job analysis is to help an organization plan for its labor force requirement, helping the organization hire the best manpower and design an appropriate organizational structure. There are various data analysis tools available. They include: Functional Job Analysis (FJA) tool, applied to discover common elements in different jobs, the competency tool to evaluate the performance of the employees and job scan tool that defines the personality of the workforce (Clark, 2003). Question 2 There are various desired competencies for a successful career. Functional competency is necessary for the acquisition and use of specific skills and experiences desired in any profession. The core non-technical skills such as communication, planning and organizational skills are desired for successful career. In addition, leadership and teamwork skills are essential for any successful career (Peter, 2007). Question 4 An organization benefits from strong ethical cultures, in that it is a core element of fostering unity among the organization’s stakeholders (Peter, 2007). Organizational ethical culture serves to embrace the diversity of an organizations’ religious, political, economic and social perspective of the employees. This serves to enhance productivity among them. Question 5 A firm can implement corporate social responsibility program by indentifying the needs of the society from where it is operating and devising ways of meeting them. The identification of the environmental conservation measures is yet another way that a firm can identify and implement a corporate social responsibility program (Peter, 2007).