Compose a 2500 words assignment on the importance of authenticity in urban tourism. Needs to be plagiarism free! Especially in the developed countries where globalization has pushed local culture in the background and uniform capitalist values dominate society, tourists seek authentic experiences through tourism. They prefer to visit places that have not yet been touched by modernity and globalization and that retain their original culture. Tourists prefer to meet people who follow the age-old traditions and customs that are indigenous to their place and have withstood the pressures of globalization and westernization.Authenticity in the tourist experience is desirable but it does not seem to matter a lot to tourists, especially those who undertake urban tourism. Tourists who visit rural areas or untouched parts of a country do expect to experience a natural environment and traditional people. On the other hand, people who travel to urban areas naturally seek out the comforts and lifestyles similar to the ones they enjoy in the western world. Their emphasis is on viewing interesting sights, participating in interesting activities—cultural or otherwise—and spending a good time with their family. Seeking authentic experiences is likely to put children in discomfort which is why authenticity does not matter a lot in urban tourism. They are primarily concerned with seeking comfortable and stimulating experiences and learning about the culture and history through modern means such as visiting museums and libraries.Wang (1999) describes how some of the purposes of seeking authenticity in tourism can be linked to existential authenticity where the tourists seek to discover the self by exposing himself or herself to different experiences. According to this explanation, an individual undertakes travel to discover the self by meeting people and seeking experiences that are different from his or her own. It is through comparing the different and often contrasting experiences and ways of life.