Compose a 1500 words assignment on using renewable energy in uae. Needs to be plagiarism free! The product has to appeal to middle class and above and pricing being, such is affordable by all. The target segment is 25 years or more as they are educated and willing to accept change. Power shortage is common in the region and hence an alternative form of energy, solar panels would fit in. There would be two segments to deal with – the industrial and commercial customers, and the homemakers. The industrial consumers would include the construction companies as modern housing should be equipped with solar panels.Advertising in the UAE has to be within the confines of rules and regulations. Comparative advertising is not permitted, and the moral and cultural sensitivities have to be approved by the Dubai Municipality (Murray, 2009). For advertisement commercials on the television, the National Media Council has the right to prohibit any inappropriate advertisements from being televised. Poor regulation is hampering the entire advertising industry leaving very few media vehicles to get the message across. Consumer attitude towards television commercials is not well accepted in the UAE.Even though the UAE is becoming Westernized and globalized, it is a collectivist society and they still adhere to their cultural norms. Hence, they have boycotted American fast food in the UAE and Saudi Arabia (Damayanova & Singer, 2006). However, since these panels have their parts manufactured in China, it should not create resistance. Advertising in the UAE is best avoided because of the regulations. Economic, political and cultural issues often dampen companies’ efforts to advertise effectively. However, if renowned sites of Dubai and the UAE are used in the advertisements, it could attract public attention. There is a small group of people known as the Me/Me group that can be targeted as they are liberal, they are embracing the western culture,&nbsp.they resist institutions and their individuality is given prime importance.