Complete 8 pages APA formatted article: Organisational Behaviour of Nestle Company. The management of day-to-day activities is handled by executive board members. This report aims at giving a detailed analysis and discussion of how the organization is managed and specifically, to how it manages teams and how it makes decisions. This is to evaluate whether the company management practices are in line with management theory as pertains to teamwork and decision making. As such, the report will discuss theory on effective teams and decision making in organizations, examine how the company actually conducts those practices, establish the gap between theory and practice and finally, make recommendations on best practice. I have not worked for the company before but I have researched and obtained enough information to guide the analysis from the company website and other sources such as former employees. BUILDING AND MANAGING EFFECTIVE TEAMS IN THE WORKPLACE EXPECTED Rosenhauer (2005 p. 36) defines a team as “people who work together in close proximity with each other and who interact with other teams in the workplace.” A team is formed to carry out a specific goal. A team can be functional or cross-functional depending on the organization structure and also on the management principles. A functional team comprises of members of same department or who carry out similar functions while cross-functional teams are formed by employees from different functions. Whatever the type of the team, its effectiveness is very crucial in ensuring organizational success. An effective team has various defining characteristics. First, it must have clear purpose or expectations (Heathfield, 2012).