Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on establishing trust as a leader. The present research has identified that when a leader enters a new organization or forms a group, the key task should be to establish trust among the members. There may be hesitation from employees initially but as the conditions become conducive, trust is gradually established and the members become free to express their views. The main constraint in building trust is consistency in behavior, demonstrating concern and making decisions by the leader. For any leadership to be effective, trust plays a crucial role including the ease to influence change and the ability to increase productivity in an organization. Trust distinguishes an excellent leader from a good one and makes an individual credible. Trust can make employees to complete their work effectively and go an extra mile without asking for extra compensation. Therefore, leaders need to listen to and value other people’s ideas as well as communicate honestly to establish trust with team members and stakeholders. The ability for leaders to make and keep promises also enables them to build trust while entering into a new organization. Trust should thus be recognized as an important element that a leader in an organization must have to contribute to the effective functioning of various departments. This paper reviews the theoretical perspectives regarding trust, the impact of trust on leadership and how leaders can build trust in a new organization. Theoretical perspectives on trust in leadership. The trust concept is important and has been linked to various disciplines such as management, organizational justice, psychology and relationships among others. There have been different perspectives on the role that trust plays in affecting the outcomes and behavior in a workplace. One perceptive is the relationship based perspective that focuses on the followers understanding of the relationship between the leader and the follower.