Write a 6 pages paper on suit about pledge of allegiance. Newdow’s claims were however dismissed by the district federal court on the basis of lack of standings since he had complicated domestic issues in the sense that his daughter’s mother had divorced him thus denying him custody. The U.S. ninth circuit court of appeal did support Newdow stating that he had stood since he was trying to challenge a routine that violates his Right to direct his daughter’s religious education. The Ninth circuit passed a verdict that demonstrated the violation of the first amendment establishment clause, by both the Congress’ move to add the words “ under God” to the pledge in 1954 and the school district policy that asks schools to recite this pledge in the start of every school day. However, the Supreme Court ruled that Newdow did not have sufficient custody over his daughter. This ruling is criticized by Justice John Paul Stevens in the sense that the Supreme Court should not have allowed the domestic issue to bar it from taking a constitutional view of the case brought forth. This is because the court ruled Newdow as having insufficient custody over her daughter and left it at that. It is also important to note that willing student was the only once led in the recitation of this pledge (Associated Press, 2004).&nbsp.The inclusion of these words in the pledge and its recitation masked his right to inoculate his daughter’s religious beliefs. The court, however, found the claim to be unconstitutional and this resulted in the dismissal of this case.