Write 8 pages with APA style on ICT and Impact of ICT in Hotel Industry Marketing. In today’s world, there is a rapid development of information communication technologies and the use of the Internet has become part of people’s lives. As with almost every industry, technology plays a big role in the development and the success of the industry. Technology has been at the forefront in many countries and has assisted in the development of the global economy as well as the development of a leisure class. The greatest impact of ICT is the facilitation of communication with the company’s stakeholders, provides an effective platform used to engage in marketing, advertising, and serving as an effective tool for the sales channels. Many organizations are increasingly investing in ICT for planning and controlling in order to boost the efficiency of the business processes, improve productivity as well as help the management in decision-making (Preston, 2001).The penetration of ICT in the hotel industry has been at a high rate, therefore integrating the operations of the hotel. it has also reshaped the marketing function, the provision of marketing research tools, enhancing customer service, and the provision of strategic opportunities (Pizam, 2005). In addition, ICT provides unique opportunities for innovative products in the marketing tourism industry to address and meet the needs and wants of customers. A good number of hotels apply technology in their operations including marketing and promotion of their products.The hotel industry is one of the largest sectors of the world that support and promote the economies of many countries. ICT offers a number of useful advantages to all hotels regardless of size. One of the advantages is to increase the effectiveness of the hotel industry by increasing revenue and minimizing costs. The other advantage is the possibility of the hotel management to make personal contact with their&nbsp.customers.&nbsp.