Write 4 pages with APA style on On Occupy Movement. Almost in every country of the world, inequality is a common issue and except the extreme top level of the system every other person is somehow related to the problem. As the rate of the suffering reached the highest point, the people who are the victims of the system decided to come out of the border and stand together for the same novel cause, and the name of this movement is Occupy Movement. The name itself describes the motto of the movement. The people have come together to protest against the inequality in the economy and the society. The protest is all about the unfairness to the various levels of people in the country or in the world. Discrimination, ignorance, avoidance, and inequality in the power and authority have created the two different categories that are rich and poor. The main reasons behind the protest are the inequality in the income and the ever increasing corruption. The large corporations and banks in Wall Street and the higher political entities who are the 1% of the population are enjoying the wealth of the world and also earning much higher than the rest 99%. Basically, the 99% is compromising in their living standard, their education, their employment and the 1% is relishing the outcome of the compromise. Once the movement has started it should reach a pleasurable and a fruitful end and the outcome of this protest should spread all over the world to erase the inequality forever (Appleby, “The Wealth Divide”). Thesis Statement Inequality in the system of a country majorly affects the education, employment, culture, and society. The people of the world are not getting enough return on the world economy or revenue in spite of paying adequate taxes to the government and the protestors at last became conscious about the issue and they came to the streets. The movement can either be a pathfinder for the victims of corruption and inequality, where they can join and fight for their rights or it can be neglected by the government as they have the supreme power which is yet not in the hand of the 99% (University of South Florida, “Professors Dissect “Occupy Movement””). Discussion and Argument Almost in every other country in the present world the middle and lower middle class families, groups, students, employees and any other general people are suffering from a common reason, that is inequality in the economy and the society. Being a part of the country and the economy of the country, every people have to pay a certain amount of tax to the government, which depends upon the income of the people. But the major problem is in spite of paying such taxes the people are not being facilitated enough. Most of the world’s wealth and revenue is enjoyed by the higher level of the country who comes under the 1% of the population, and the rest 99% has to suffer for that, by paying donations to the schools for their children, by paying bribe to get a deserved job and by paying extra money to buy a property among others. The government is not being fair to the people as promised (Hertzberg, “Occupational Hazards”). Every people in the world have certain Human Rights Acts, which support people to have their own say and to stand against the corruption and the unfairness towards them.