What are the conflicts in this story? How do Jolene’s actions move the plot forward?Jolene was hungry and craving a big bowl of cereal. Peering into the fridge, she remembered that she had used the rest of the milk last night. Maybe her mom was on the way home and could pick some up. Her quick text message was met with an immediate response: “Stuck at work, won’t be home for an hour.” With no stores in walking distance, Jolene rummaged through the cabinet to find a jar and ventured to her neighbor’s house to borrow a cup of milk. A boy from her class, Allen, answered the doorbell. Darn — Jolene had hoped that Allen’s sister Isabel would answer. Allen and Jolene had never liked each other much. Allen said they didn’t have any milk either. Jolene knew he was lying but, saying nothing, she left and continued on to the next house.