We live in a world where anInternetcrime occurs every minute in some cases cybercriminalssteal millions of dollarswith near impunity. For every 1 that is captured nearly 10,000 or not captured. For every 1 sucessfulprosecuted in a courtof law, 100 get off without punishment or with a warning.Why is it difficult to prosecute cybercriminals?Response GuidelinesParticipants must create a thread in order to view other threads in this forum.Post by the end of Wednesday to allow other students to read your threat and provide comments.Your main post should be a minimum of250words. Make sure your peer discussion address some of the terms and concepts presented in the course with a minimumof 100 words.Please respond to at least two learners. Your responses should be substantive (minimum of 100 words) and do at least one of the following: Ask a probing question. Offer a suggestion. Elaborate on a particular point. Provide an alternative opinion.