Provide a 6 pages analysis while answering the following question: Should Bullies Be Held Responsible for the Death of a Victim. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Bullies do not typically stop after one incident. They repeat their behavior over and over, often until the other person either strike back, or the victim decides that they simply cannot take it anymore (iDebate 2014). It is because of this last point that this debate exists. There has been an increasing number of victims of bullying that have ended up dying, either because they have committed suicide or the bully causes their death in some other fashion. If a victim dies as an indirect result of bullies’ actions taken against the victim on a consistent basis, many believe that the victim should be held legally responsible. This is regardless of whether or not the bully physically caused the death of the victim or not (iDebate 2014). While there are valid points to be made on either side, it is certainly plausible to think society now demands justice to the point that the bully should be responsible. The intent of this short paper is to analyze arguments made on both sides, and then to reach a conclusion as to why students, who are deemed to be bullies, should be responsible for any action that results in the victim’s death.Before someone can issue a judgment on this issue, one must understand the nature of bullying itself and its impact on society. Bullies, by their very nature, go to almost any length imaginable to exert power over their victim. They may do this physically, verbally, or socially. In addition, with the rising influence of social media today, bullies are taking to the Internet to commit their actions. This has also enabled bullies to not actually physically be present in the geographical area of the victim. There are now incidences of bullies adversely impacting the lives of others in another state, or even country, of a person that they have never even met.