Need help with my writing homework on The Viral Clip About Racist Rant on Asians in the Library. Write a 2500 word paper answering; Virality is the process of social information distribution where many people get exposed to specific information over a short period. The specific information spreads through various social networks resulting in a quickly increased rate of the number of people viewing the message (Nahon & Hemsley, 2013). From the observation about online content, of some having so many viewers and readers within a short time, and some having none or just a few, it has been established that there are certain characteristics that make some online contents go viral. Such is the case with the video that will be analyzed in this paper.The aim of this paper is to analyze a video posted by a student ranting about Asians in the library. The video is just a personal expression about some people from the Asian community but has some features that angered the Asian community that made it go viral. Additional features that facilitated its spread are its run time, and title. The video has a short title and a short run-time, making it easy for people to view and share. Long videos discourage viewers while short videos are not perceived as time-consuming. There are other features described that made the video go viral. Although it was not intended to go viral, the video features, similar to other viral contents, made it go viral.The video clip was made and posted by Alexandra Wallace who at the time, was expressing her anger about some Asian student’s behavior. Alexandra was not happy about some Asian students receiving and making calls in the library because it distracted her. Based on what she posted, it seems this behavior and others she talked about, made her very angry and decided to post her thoughts online. This never went well. She received a lot of insults and negative comments about her post, some of which extended to her family and personal life. The video went viral just hours after it was posted.