Need help with my writing homework on Multimedia and Design Features. Write a 1500 word paper answering; Products’ analysis based on their attractive features to the user, design, or model behaviors, and the general outlooks are expected by users to lead their emotional manifestations.Norman D. (2004) explains that the concept of designing includes principles that have both cognition and affective processes aimed at achieving user priorities on usability and efficiency of products. Norman adds further that the impacts and dominance of affective reactions towards emotional designs have come to be key factors that have to be considered because of the ideologies and available knowledge and skills in designing. In this respect, all things have cognitive constituents to assign meanings and affective modules for the value assigned. For instance, studies on the current human behaviors have shown that human emotions are easily evoked by varied cues, and senses of touch as some of the most emotionally changed criteria.Emotional design has infiltrated into every aspect of the design to include the continuous research works and findings on usability design that requires subjective, post-positive, and experiential mental attitudes. Subjectivity in design, however, ensures incorporation of the key user-design-centered principles which include the practices of:From my point of view, Norman was determined to set a practical philosophy that user-centered designs should involve simplification of marketing task structures, making entities perceptible, mapping aptly, and exploiting the enormous powers of constraints. This means that technological inventions have got a different way of analysis. They are currently not viewed in respect to how complicated and expensive they may be, but rather the levels of their user-friendliness and emotional affection affiliations that come with them.Philosophical perceptions have changed over time as influenced& the changes in the social media in terms of their operations and influences they create on people (both young and old).&nbsp.