MAIN POSTFor your Week 2 Assignment, the formal proposal, you will be going to the Keiser e-Library to gather research for your argumentative research paper. When you find articles, what will you do with them? You will take these and begin crafting a formal proposal as well, where you demonstrate you have done research on the topic you picked. This week’s readings and discussion will help you think about how to keep your focus and engage those readings critically. For this discussion, choose one of the following two readings:Option 1 – Adler, M. J. (2014). How to mark a book. In G.H. Muller (Ed.), The McGraw-Hill reader: Issues across the disciplines pp. 16-21. McGraw-Hill.p. 21, “Writing,” Question 3: Writing an Argument: Argue for or against the proposition that this essay has lost its relevance owing to the introduction of new forms of educational media.Be sure to quote and cite Adler when writing your response. Option 2 – Carr, N. (2014). Does the internet make you smarter or dumber? In G.H. Muller (Ed.), The McGraw-Hill reader: Issues across the disciplines pp. 21-25.  McGraw-Hill.p. 25, “Writing,” Question 3; Writing an Argument: Agree or disagree with Carr’s claim that people “who read texts studded with links … comprehend less than those who read traditional linear texts.”Be sure to quote and cite Carr when writing your response.First, read the article carefully. Answer the question associated with the reading. (100+ words)Second, think about what the author is suggesting you do in your research. How will you apply these ideas when you critically read the research you gather, including the assigned essay, academic research from the database, and general research from the internet? How would this author define “critical reading”? (100+ words)Third and finally, what topic are you considering writing your final paper on? Review the feedback you received on your Week 1 Assignment. What ideas did you have? What did your instructor suggest? What direction might your paper take? How will you make your paper argumentative?TIP: Be sure to respond to all three questions in individual paragraphs. PEER REPLIESIn 100-150 words, respond to two peers’ main posts. Examine whether each post clearly supports the peer’s ideas about the merits of each proposal and the choice of proposal format for the intended major writing assignment. Offer suggestions for where your peers might take their final paper for this class. Take a moment to check replies you receive to your own main post. Respond to your peers and your instructor.