I will pay for the following article Race and Whiteness. The work is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. From the discusses it is clear that a concept of whiteness is based on custom and tradition, but it greatly undermines social and scientific principles of race. Racism is a representation of a historical evolution and there is a great degree of the inferiority of an “other” “race”. Racial practices are usually degrading and representatives of ethnic minorities are afflicted by negative practices of racism. There are many factors influencing deepening of discrimination practices, such as customs, traditions, social and political factors and even law. Racism by intent in the run of time transformed different cultures and social practices and underlined the superiority of white ethnic groups. This paper stresses that the social construct of race and whiteness are considered in relation to Brazilians and Asian Americans. From the very beginning, Brazilians differed from native inhabitants by skin color and were often referred to as browns or blacks. Race classification on the basis of the skin color differed greatly from color of race. Starting from 2000 in Brazil there was a lot of complaints concerning discard of color of skin and there was a need to introduce numerous social and political changes in order to constrict social gap between native inhabitants and ethnic minorities. There are evident controversies between “ideological” and “scientific” positions and representations of race.