I need some assistance with these assignment. romanesque, regency, revival, early christian, baroque, rococo, neoclassicism Thank you in advance for the help! This discussion talks that jumping forward over 1000 years, Regency architecture denotes a style of buildings that came to a level of prominence within written during the early 19th century. a point in time when George IV was Prince Regent – the namesake of this particular period of architecture. One of the most defining facets of this particular style is with regards to the prevalence of white painted stucco façades and the exhibition of the entryway usually colored in black frame columns. Additionally, residences which are built within the Regency style of architecture display crescents or terraces. In addition, the use of wrought-iron balconies is also incorporated a large scale. Again, the importance of history cannot be ignored due to the fact that the Regency period of architecture normally exhibits a very clear level of comparison to the colonnades and pillars of ancient Rome and ancient Greeks. Due to the fact that this was one of the periods in which the British Empire was at its very height, it comes as no surprise that Imperial forms of architecture were utilized as a means of further propagating this particular understanding of general importance within the world structure. Similarly, with regards to a particular building or monument exhibits this style, a very excellent example exists within Regents Park London. As such, the use of columns and crescent shape architecture readily points to the fact that Regency architecture was heavily utilized in employed as a means of inspiring particular monuments. exhibited within the park. Revival As with all forms of art and architecture, a desire to see and elaborate upon previous artistic expressions oftentimes encourages architects to engage in movements of revivalism. Within Western civilization, revivalism has been noted within almost each and every single architectural movement in recorded history. For instance, there has been revivalism of postclassical architecture, medieval architecture, Baroque architecture, and a litany of many other more modern forms of architecture.