I need help creating a thesis and an outline on The German History the End of the 19th Century till the 20th Century. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Germany did not go through much change and with each passing day, the social and economic conflicts were raising environmental concerns. The middle classes were striving hard to come into politics and women were trying to gain equality in financial, economic, and educational spheres. The working class due to suppression declared to establish reformed political and social conditions that can allow them to participate in the progress of the nation and get acknowledged. In 1905 Wilhelm’s support for Morocco actuated the Morocco crisis that earned the anger of France and Britain making Germany weak. World War 1 led to great destruction and Germany was considered to have played a major role in initiating war (D’Anieri, 2011, p126). With all these issues Wilhelm was dethroned and Freidrich Elbert came in power as the President of Germany and established the Weimar Republic.The Weimar Constitution that was formed after signing the Treaty of Versailles established the first parliamentary democracy in Germany. Treaty of Versailles and some factors of the Weimar constitution led Hitler to rise to power. The constitution was bound by the Treaty of Versailles and refrained from violating the clauses. This led to the insecurity and other economic and social issues. Germany was not allowed to keep troops for its safety and due to the sense of frustration, the right-wing began to have a permanent hold over the Reichstag. The hyperinflation and unemployment intensified the situation that allowed Hitler to rise to power (McElligott, 2011, p2).Before the formation of Weimar, women were not given the right to vote and they strived hard to come at par with men. No part of a substantial position acknowledged the efforts of women or their worthy existence. The important role of women was acknowledged by the Nazi party. Hitler stressed the fact that Germany need the best people to participate in the progress of the country and to fight against the enemy and for this, he needed&nbsp.mothers to play their role in raising the best children who can serve the nation.&nbsp.