Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on anthology of modern american poetry Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Elliot Observing is but one of his many books, through which he dwells on the evolving of mankind to time managing robots. This article will be discussing in a clear and concise manner the meaning depicted by the book Elliot Observing.Hugh depicts Elliot t have the character of an observer. Elliot observes the life-changing aspect of time in the 21st century. In his view, people are more than often growing into time managing maniacs who have managed to constrain their lives including hours of sleep or time of the day to sleep. He depicts how the life of men has shifted from simple family and work relations to focus more on work than family or social lives. The office becomes the comfort zone of the basic working man. He says that from the moment one starts school life, the essence of time is what drives them up to the moment they start working until they die (Eliot 52). He believes that in the 21st century people are pushing themselves to extremes by minding what others expect of them. They forget about what they want for themselves and focus on maintaining a high image of respect and admiration amongst peers.Elliot describes the life of a prelude, by prelude he means a working man in desperate need of maintaining a high standard of living. This need makes one work up to nine jobs a day. As a result, people end up lacking a sense of personal social relations. He referred to such a situation as that of a “pipe smoking lonely man”. As one continues, you would realize that these are poems Regarding Elliot’s continuous life experiences and observations. Observations of how men are becoming time driven workaholics, he included. Elliot talks about how despite working for long hours he still constrained in his spending. He concurs with this by reason of being at the top regarding society’s impression of class. This forces him to choose other means of commuting to work which are rather very queer.