Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Second Life: Succeding in Virtual Times. It needs to be at least 750 words. Thus, by implementing such networks businesses can conduct high level research and gain effective knowledge and information regarding customers’ choices. Moreover, through this they can also have an excellent support for better corporate decision making and analysis. For example, any web based business such as Wal-Mart can open its virtual shops at second life virtual network to offer its customers an easy access. In this scenario, customers can buy things and products of their choice by using such virtual network. Question No 2 How could a company such as Nike use decision support systems on Second Life to help its business? The new technology based decision support systems are really effective for corporate decision making and pattern analysis. In this scenario the new technology based systems are aimed at determining the customer buying patterns and make the decision according to corporate working and marketing. In addition, some of the large size organization like Nike can make use of decision support systems for the analysis of corporate deals and marketing facilities. In case of Nike business goal seeking analysis discovers the inputs required to attain a goal like that preferred level of output. In its place of analyzing and observing how transformations in a variable involve other variables like in what-if analysis, objective seeking analysis places a target value (a objective) intended for a variable as well as then frequently alters other variables yet the target value is attained. For instance, “How much number of clients is necessary to buy our latest introduced product line to augment gross advantages to corporate preferred value? For example, well known organization Nike can make use of second life for its marketing purposes. This business can use social networks for promoting products and services of business to a number of online users. Question No 3 How could an apparel company use Second Life to build a digital dashboard to monitor virtual operations? At the present, many business corporations make use of intelligent systems and social networks for the better corporate analysis and business dealings. In this scenario, new technology based systems such as social network are aimed at improving the corporate performance and customer interaction. In this scenario, a widespread characteristic of an executive information system is a digital dashboard. Additionally, digital dashboards put collectively data and information from numerous parts and adapt the data and information according to person’s preferences. In addition, digital dashboards normally make use of indicators to facilitate executives to rapidly determine the status of key information or important achievement factors. For Example an apparel company could construct a digital dashboard for its own business on social network of second life to examine a virtual store. Thus, it could be used to follow and test out each and every aspect that it could manage in a real store comprising number of customers, their types, buying behavior, number of communications by means of store avatars and possible revenue that can be generated. Thus, it will offer effective decision making and business analysis.