Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on M&M Project Report. It needs to be at least 1000 words. The objective of this report is to write in a layman’s language, all the parts involved in the M&amp.M project. The report will lead to an explanation of what was done in each part, as well as the result. Presentation of the data and the results will be on an excel worksheet. Part three will involves analysis through construction of confidence interval to find out the distribution of candies per bag as well as the proportion for each color, and then recording of the results in an excel worksheet. Different claims of color proportions will be tested in the fourth part. Finally, the claim there is no difference between the number of brown and red candies will be tested in part five. Introduction: M&amp.M Project Report The purpose of this report is to explain what was done in each part of the M&amp.M project, as well as analyzing the results. In addition, the report will lead to investigation of quality control. The five parts of the project included sampling method, the sample mean and proportion, testing of different M&amp.M candies’ claims, and using 95% confidence interval to do testing. In the end, the report will lead to a better understanding of the process and methods of packaging M&amp.M candies. M&amp.M candies were randomly obtained from different stores. A random sample was used to make sure that the sample was a true representative of the entire population. The population here means a collection of all the subjects that are to be studied – all the M&amp.M candies for that matter. Different colors in each bag were counted and recorded in an excel work sheet.