Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Heliocentric and Religion: History. It needs to be at least 1500 words. The two famous researchers Galileo Galilee and Nicholas Copernicus came under a lot of pressure from religious clerics. In fact, the theories they proposed could mean the first organized revolt against the teachings of the Church. The theories caused a stir among the people and caused a social turmoil. If a list is to be made of the people that caused this stir in the social order, the name of the Italian philosopher Giordano Bruno will always be there. It is their struggle and the resoluteness that gave strength to the renaissance era and later the age of enlightenment. Louis Bayard’s The School of Night: A Novel tells this account by blending fact and fiction. It is for such efforts that science in today’s world enjoys an authoritarian status. Catholic Church was the center of religious activities and released guides and Biblical interpretations. The Church was so powerful before the 16th century that the kings and queens had to get guidance from the church before making a move. The core biblical beliefs rest on the claim that the astronomy gives the necessary perspective or the outlook of the world and the universe. This view is held by both the Protestants and the Catholics (Dobrzycki 86). The Church proposed its geocentric view that considered the earth as the center of the universe.