Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses level of manners, etiquette and respect. A Deontologist’s main focus is doing the right thing as a moral duty. In this regard, a Deontologist would have good manners because he perceives it as his moral obligation to manifest that particular character simply because it is the right thing to do.A Utilitarian would have good manners because their action focuses on the greatest good for the greater number of people. By exhibiting good manners, Utilitarians are convinced that benefits are accorded to a greater number versus the cost of exhibiting them.It is possible that people of today have not been exposed to the rationale of manifesting good manners, as learned in all the ethical theories mentioned. Ethical theories and moral of good conduct are often learned and developed through continuous learning and exposure to situations which require the application of specific codes of discipline, as manifested in several fields of endeavor. Due to poverty, inequality, violation of human rights, the majority of contemporary people (especially in Third World Countries) were not given the privilege of understanding ethical concepts encompassing good manners, etiquette, and respect.As briefly mentioned, traumatic experiences such as violation of human rights, poverty, inequality, exposure to chronic illness, threats to survival, among others, have made them indifferent and cold in character. When they have not even experienced anything good to be accorded in life, most naturally, these people could not give anything good, in return.a. How important is the virtue of self-control for individuals living in our (postmodern, democratic, capitalistic, consumption) culture that we live in today? (answer should be at least one “good” paragraph) (10 points)The virtue of self-control enables the individual to discern the need to restrain one’s behavior according to what is required of a given situation.&nbsp.