Create a 10 pages page paper that discusses on the social structural theories then break it down into the social disorganization theory, cultural deviance theory, and. Cultural deviance theory asserts that conformity to the existing cultural norms of the society of a lower class results into crime. Youths or lower sub culture class has a set of unique beliefs and values, which are often in conflict invariably with the conventional norms of the society. Criminality in this aspect is the expression of non conformity to social norms or conformity to a lower class of sub cultural beliefs and values. Youth therefore commit crimes trying to respond to their own class of cultural norms in an attempt to deal with the social problems from middle class and adjustment. This theory is associated with labeling theory, the rationale for choosing it (labeling theory), in that they both address a particular class of society and their beliefs. According to labeling theory, the youths turn to a delinquent lifestyle and commit crimes when a good part of the members of society give them a label or associate them with such crimes and lifestyle, hence they accept such labels as their own personal identity. As youth interact with others in the society throughout their lives, they are usually given various symbolic labels. These symbolic labels often imply different attitudes and behaviors, thus the labels do not only give a description of an individual trait, but also describe the whole person. A negative label often results into a permanent harm of the targeted persons, especially when a significant other confers such a devalued status on the person. Being perceived as a deviant in the society and/ or being associated with a delinquent lifestyle often impact on the treatment youths receive at work, at home, at school, and any other places of social interactions. Those labeled usually find themselves turning to other people who are equally stigmatized by a similar or related label for purposes of championship and support. Law is, in most cases, applied differently and benefits people who hold social and economic power, while the powerless are often penalized. Labeling theory therefore is not only concerned with why the persons engage originally in the acts that make them labeled, but also deeply concerned with the reasons for a criminal career is formation. The origin of acts of crimes is not specifically discussed by this theory (Samuel, 2007). An individual becomes a deviant majorly due to the social distance that exists between the labeled and the labeler. Labeling theory is associated with various effects on the people who are labeled. these are the reasons why youth find themselves turning into a delinquent lifestyle and commit most crimes. They do this with a belief that even if they remain within the law, the society still associates them with such deviances and delinquent lifestyle. Some of the impacts resulting from this theory include the following: Stigma creation: whenever an individual have a public record of acts of deviance, the denounced individual separates himself or herself virtually from a place of group by a successful degradation ceremonies in a legitimate order.