Compose a 2750 words assignment on changing agricultural landscape of southern louisiana. Needs to be plagiarism free! It had been colonized by France and Spain and became the 18th state to be part of the United States of America. The recognition of Louisiana is based on its diverse culture, fishing and agricultural economical status and by the Cajun culture. However, flooding and hurricanes act as the natural threats that affect Louisiana in its quest for development and growth (Conant & Collins, 1998).The climate of Louisiana is relatively humid and is semitropical. The humidity and degree of rainfall decrease with the increase in variations of temperature as one moves away from the Mexican Gulf. The main aim of agricultural involvement in the production of food and the realization of the benefits of other aspects since they also play a part in the development and growth of a state or country (Goins & Caldwell, 2005). The developed countries are mostly affected by the need to involve in agricultural activities and still keep their landscapes and their habitats intact. Approximately 40% of the grain exports that are realized in the United States of America are transported via Louisiana (Avise, 2000). The production of eggs and broilers is very high in the Louisianans’ state and is regarded as the largest form of animal industry.The production of menhaden, alligators, oysters, shrimp and crawfish is ranked first and is from Louisiana in the nation. This marks a 25 percent mark in the production of the fish industry. Louisiana consists of approximately 14 million acres of land comprised of different forms of forests. Soybeans, sugarcane, corn, rice and livestock farming are part of the agricultural involvement of the population of Louisiana (Avise, 2000). Louisiana is ranked in the third position in rice production. In addition, Louisiana is the only source of Tabasco pepper.Being among the southern states, Louisiana is, therefore, one of the states that benefited.