Compose a 1500 words assignment on whistleblowing in organizations. Needs to be plagiarism free! Due to the immense importance of ‘whistleblowing’ in the modern-day business organization, the study has selected the topic as the central theme of this paper.In general, whistleblowing is conceptualized as behavior and action of organizational individuals against organizational wrongdoing (Bjorkelo, Einarsen, and Matthiesen, 2010). Whistleblowers are insiders or organizational well-wishers or committed employees who genuinely want to rectify explicit as well as implicit organizational wrongdoing by raising their concern regarding the issue in public. According to Jubb (2000), the individual whistleblower may need to put unsuccessful earlier efforts in order to attain a hearing as well as remedial action implemented through organizational channels. An interesting fact is that different scholars examined whistleblowing from different perspectives and these scholars found it difficult to establish a standardized definition of the concept (Erkmen, Calıskan and Esen, 2014). Qusqas and Kleiner (2001) tried to identify the source of the term ‘whistleblowing’ and they found that the term is derived from the sporting events where the referee blows the whistle in order to stop illegal playing actions or malpractices of players. In an organizational context, whistleblowing means reporting of wrongdoing by a set of employees or any other internal stakeholders with the intention of stopping it (Park, Rehg and Lee, 2005 and Park et al., 2008). Application of whistleblowing in organizations can have multiple perspectives and this is the reason why theorists and scholars found it difficult to establish a standardized definition of the concept (Robinson, Robertson, and Curtis, 2011. Shawver, 2008).&nbsp.