Complete 3 pages APA formatted article: ENG IP5. This movement spread in many spheres of Jewish life such as culture, religion, secularism, politics, labor and revisionism. The spread of this kind of nationalism came to the world as a surprised and shock the foundations of several other religious forces such as Islam and Christianity which considered Israelis to be a thing of the past. The arrival of the Zionist forces in the mainstream politics and religion gave way to businessmen especially in the field of agriculture and farming (Beinin & Stein 2006). This was the start of the Jewish settlement in their ancient regions or what they called their homeland. Israeli-Palestinian conflict has its roots both in politics and in religion. Ever since the war of 1948, the Israelis have outnumbered the Palestinians in Jerusalem leading to an intrusion of the Zionists in the Palestinian politics which caused a severe damage to the established structure. Both Palestinian Muslims and Christians were affected by this invasion which came to them as a shock. It is Zionism which is keeping the Israelis to fight for their entire life. One wonders whether the Israeli Zionism had taken an extremist approach towards attaining the land or had the opposing force, that is, the Palestinian Nationalist Movement become ineffective (Caplan 2010). Palestinians seem to have a stunted growth in the hands of the Israeli forces in the social, economic and political spheres. Most of the Arab population in Israel became internal refugees who had little to voice out for their rights. The high fertility rates and the decreasing mortality rates increased the Palestinian citizens to six-fold ever since the establishment of Israel (Dowty 2004). The places of exile were perfect for the Israeli’s to settle. Babylon and Egypt are regions full of resources and riches. But it was religion which drove the Jews towards the Holy Land of Jerusalem. It goes without saying that the means adopted by the Israeli forces to date are highly illegal although the Arab neighboring nations are not reciprocating the way they should be doing politically (Dowty 2004). Unfortunately countless number of people are killed ruthlessly every passing day. Many billions have already died in the past but the issue of Palestine remains until the followers of all the main religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam come together to put some sense into each other. It is also observed that when the solutions are presented for the conflict between the two nations there is a one sided image portrayed greatly depending upon the opinions of the UN, British, American or Israeli government. The conflict worsened as the Israeli forces pushed them next to the Arab state so that it could meet a larger end. The agreement to join hands with the opposing party meant a great deal of chaos. This was however overlooked because Israel’s demand for the partition depended upon the initial behavior of the Palestinians when they first offered some joint endeavor (Beinin & Stein 2006). On being interviewed for the New York Times in Paris, Mahmud Darwish, the “poetic voice of Palestine” who was awarded the Lannan Foundation Prize for Cultural Freedom, says quite helplessly and innocently that he fails to choose his own reality because he feels that instead of having a peaceful and serene mind to write poetry his poetry is colored with a constant tension of bloodshed, fire and occupation.