Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on analysis of the killer angels by michael shaara. Shaara’s special focus on interlinking sessions of conversational narratives and relevant application of monologues gives enthusiastic reading effect to all and it is totally impressive as it leaves among readers a sense of appreciation for all the soldiers of wars of all time. Through this book, Shaara tries to state his critical views about the political scenario of the United States during the time of President Abraham Lincoln who used to embrace his policy of preserving the unity of the region without clarification whether slavery would be retained or abolished. It also rolls on an emotional conflict posed by the uncertainty about whether slavery was to be partially or wholly retained or abolished. Shaara goes deep into the interface of emotional deals of the two protagonists and their associates and all other role bearers of the forefront formulation and administration of the course of the war. The narration of the episodes of war that took place in Pennsylvania between the American Union and the Confederacy from June 30 to July 3 modifies the features of history with the appeal of a character-driven story in the perspective presentation style of the protagonists’ views. The literature is more interesting as it is effective in touching the minds of readers. Shaara shows his excellent demonstrative skills to express the emotional elements throughout the war. The author describes the war as an event that contained more political reinforcement of the provinces than the usually described prospects of slavery. This thought comes to light of the emergence of a new definition of the war which assured a fight of the South’s neo-anti federalists for the powerful rise of the government over the federal system in the top level state.