You will prepare and submit a term paper on The Growth of Photography in Graphic Arts: from Black-and-White Photography to Modern Photography. Your paper should be a minimum of 2000 words in length. The origin of photography resulted in the origin of ideography, motion picture, and cinematography. Still, all these genres within art are different and independent. One can see that cinematography cannot surpass the scope of still-photography because both the genres share certain basic elements but differ in visual representation.It is interesting to go through the growth and development of photography because the change in the medium (say, from film to digitalization) did not affect its status within the modern world. When black-and-white photography transformed into color photography, most of the photographers accepted and made use of the same to unleash their artistic creativity. Similarly, the change in the use of films to digital technology did not affect photography because photographers were ready to accept digital technology. Still, some photographers consider that nothing can withstand the scope of black-and-white films within photography. Similarly, digitalization and the use of digital cameras revolutionized the scenario of photography because of the same reduced time consumption while developing a photograph. Still, contemporary theories related to photography confirms photography’s role in forming national and cultural identities in general.This interpretation is broadly divided as Historical Photography, Modern/Contemporary Photography, importance: (relevance, entertainment value, and usefulness), similarities and differences, and exploration/explanation: contemporary theories and Historical Photography and Modern/Contemporary Photography.One can see that August Sander (1876 –1964) revolutionized the scenario of Portrait Photography because he is termed as the backbone of Portrait Photography in the German context. To be specific, his earlier experience in mining and military service helped him to have deep knowledge of the human character and to make use of the same in his later works. But one need not misunderstand that August Sander’s photographic works are limited to Portrait Photography.