You will prepare and submit a term paper on Music Archaeology in the United States. Your paper should be a minimum of 1750 words in length. Understanding of the United States music archaeological analysis will involve excavating and finding out cultural and contexts that explain the current and future happenings. In the understanding of current music production, one needs to investigate and unearth some of the early musical notations and literary sources. This study will seek answers to what archaeological music findings were found in the United States? And which are some of the contributions of music archaeological findings on culture, society, individuals, politics and current events in the United States?Music archaeology in the United States in the last few years has been expanded to include other studies like biological and psychological studies. The studies are used to explore the beginnings of current or ancient sound production, and how man evolved to understand and use music. Archaeologists have found that newly published articles, theoretical writings, iconographic sources of prehistoric music provide support to excavated artifacts in explaining some of the U.S unnoticed vanished music cultures. The use of current ethnographic analogies on contemporary society’s music helps in discovering some of the ancient traditions that were used in producing music (Morley, 45).The use of music psychology and anthropology has provided good literature to support the analogy of the presence of music in the United States culture and society. Archaeologists in the United States have found the University of Music cultures. all societies have their music conforming to a type of meter or pulse (having two to four pitches). One notable characteristic of the United States ancient music was the use of rhythm that was used and produced by either striking the body, by clapping or foot stamping, or in other cases producing sounds from striking objects. The review, in summary, indicated that ancient musical behaviors.