Write a 7 pages paper on color in interior design. For example, while orange color is energetic, it becomes more relaxing and warming as it veers toward shades that are earthier like terracotta. Another problem commonly encountered with the use of color is to decide what goes best with what. If the colors selected for interior designing do not contrast or coordinate within the home, it becomes almost impossible to let the inhabitants and visitors have the feel of elegance and luxury, and the senses are assaulted by the jarring effect. Leaving the psychological impact of color aside, another factor that impacts the need to be very prudent in selecting the right color scheme for the house is that the selected shades and tones can tremendously impact the perception about the room’s size. Two identical rooms having the same size appear to be of different proportions in terms of size because of being painted with different colors. While considering color’s use in the interior design, it is extremely vital to think of color in terms of practicality. For example, it is advisable to steer a room meant for keeping pets or little children clear of the upholstery fabric of such light shades as white or cream. Nevertheless, all practical aspects of the lifestyle of the inhabitants need to be considered in the design of the color scheme.Blue color has a sedate and calm effect on psyche and mood and has the tendency to lower the blood pressure. Blue color instills a sense of cooling, enhances intuition, builds confidence, and is perceived to be the most productive color in interior design. The use of the same color in rooms of different sizes can lead to the development of different concepts. Blue is typically the choice of boys and is a suitable color for use in boys’ rooms.Red color increases enthusiasm and boosts stimulation, passion, energy level, and emotional response. Red color elevates confidence, action, and appetite.&nbsp.