Write a 5 pages paper on evil actions in the literature. The people who stay in Omelas are evils and their evil deeds are evident in the nudeness of both the priests and the priestesses (Le Guin 1). These priestesses and the priests are always half in ecstasy and they are also willing to copulate with other women and men at any given time. Most of the temples in Omelas have no manners since the evils of prostitution have invaded the whole city including the holy people like the priests and the priestesses who are supposed to show the other people the way to go (Le Guin 2). Apart from the priest and the priestesses, there is a group of beauty nudes who carelessly give themselves to any needy person. The evils deeds of the people of Omelas are also evident in the nature of events taking place in the basement room. The narrator describes the status of the basement room and its various contents. The room is dark and filthy and this provides a good set up for evils deeds. A lot of sorcery actions take place in this room and this is evident in the way the users of this room enter it. The users of this room rarely speak and in the room there is a mistreated child who is rarely fed (Le Guin 2). The condition of the child is weary but nobody seems to care, these people are evil and the way the child is being treated indicates that these people have no shred of tenderness at all. The human in them has faded away and they are acting to appease some kinds of beings other than the Most High God. Cases of young men and women getting mad in the city are also on the rise. The spirit of sorcery and witchcraft practiced by the people of this town makes these people go mad and many of them wander in the streets and they never go back home. The spirit of darkness always engulfs these people making them travel even at the dead of the night (Le Guin 6). Most of the times, people who are bewitched are never conscious of their actions and that makes them walk in the streets of the city as seen in the case of the young men and women from Omelas city. A play in one-act (TRIFLES) The two women in the play are also evil because they managed to hide the truth which could have given the Sheriff and County Attorney some leading clues to the cause of death of Mr. Wright. Both Mrs. Peters and Hale remained in the kitchen and at that moment Mrs. Hale tried to conceal more evidence by giving the roller towel some pull to cover up the scene of the previous deals (Glaspell 1). The two women are busy tidying the kitchen while the men are upstairs to further erase any form of evidence that would expose the truth about the death of the deceased (Glaspell 3). From the conversation of the two women it is evident that Minnie Wright was not a good woman because from the examination of her skirt they realized that there had been some form of commotion between her and the deceased and the deceased was close at the time of murder. Behind the closed upstairs door, the two women are whispering about the possibility of Minnie killing Wright.