Write 6 pages with APA style on An Analysis of the Case Study Revealed Absence of Basic Project Management Practices. Also, it seemed that if a timeline was missed no significant effort was made to make up for the lost time. This was the reason that unreliable performances were seen at major milestones and it seemed that the developer of the software was running to meet the deadlines.There were changes to middle management during the project execution. However, it did affect the project as the management change would have also incorporated some changes in the project scope and functionality of the software.Another problem seen was low morale of the team. Unable to meet schedules and unrealistic performance at the major milestones adversely affected the team morale. Even when the memo was distributed to describing the state of affairs and deadline to meet the project end date, still two weeks were lost in limbo. It seemed that the people working on the project accepted that it was not possible to meet the project completion date given the present state of affairs, that why a determined effort was found missing. The team appeared to be unsure of what needs to be done (Haynes 2009).As the project did not meet its deadlines and software functionality failed to meet customer requirements and expectations, strained relationships developed among the two major stakeholders. Conflict management techniques were the need of the hour for effective damage control (Mulcahy 2009).Contract management aspect of the project was not effectively handled. This project was contracted to an outside company. It was important to determine the project assumption and constraints, expectations and requirements and project scope, and all this should have been reflected in the project plan.According to Project Management Institute (2008), the project should have been broken down into phases and project life cycle determined. The stakeholders should have been identified and their need, wants, requirements and expectations determined, final objectives of the project clarified, requirements and&nbsp.functionality of the software finalized.&nbsp.