Write 10 pages thesis on the topic a critique of tourism policy and planning in croatia. The government of any country needs to consider both international and domestic tourism to assess the impact of tourism on its economy. Travel provides support for promoting tourism as an export industry for the host country, as the level of economic activities increase in terms of provision of transport, residential, and other related services to the tourists (Sathwara n.d.).In this report, we will highlight the impact of tourism on the economy of Croatia. The central theme of the report will be based on the tourism policy of Croatia. The report will highlight some key challenges related to tourism being faced by Croatia, as well as the role of the tourism plans and policies in addressing those challenges and problems.By tradition, Croatia is known as a tourism-oriented country. Tourism has always been one of the main factors of economic growth for Croatia. In recent years, the growth and development in tourism turnover in Croatia show that this country is making great efforts to make tourism one of the main sources of its financial growth (Ministry of Tourism 2003). It is necessary to design and put into practice a tourism strategy that is mainly focused on sustainable development in order to benefit from the economic benefits related to the improved tourism industry. Croatian government believes that the orientation of tourism strategy should be towards such aspects of tourism that should provide value-added benefits to all people engaged in the industry of tourism (Ministry of Tourism 2003).According to the Ministry of Tourism (2003), the right positioning on an influential and revenue-generating tourism industry depends mainly on the monitoring of modern trends that serve to discover new market potentials, public demand, areas of a potential investment, future trends in the tourism industry, and infrastructural requirements. In recent years, if we look at the demand side of tourism industry, we will come to know that tourists usually seek.