Need help with my writing homework on A Review of Progress. Write a 1500 word paper answering; The goals and objectives remain constant despite fluctuations in priorities. The course objectives given by the lecturers at the beginning of every course were also instrumental in measuring my progress and current position. The main objective of enrolling in UEL business school was the need of been above the bottom line (UEL, 2000). However, it is evident that academic performance is not the only, measure of personal progress for any student in any learning institution. This essay will, therefore, analyze my personal progress based on the first semester results and future expectations. Current Position The current position is instrumental in establishing future progress and measuring my past performances. From a general perspective, it is evident that I am in a fair position in both academic and extracurricular activities. However, these performances do not comply with UEL School of Business maxim of been above the bottom line or been above average. In addition, having a fair performance indicates lack of consistence of performance in different courses. This requires a specialized analysis of performance at each of the key areas. In addition to the final exams, I have done several assignments as part of the school’s continuous assessment program. Random assessment tests given by various lectures are also instrumental in establishing my assessment.&nbsp.My first assignment was from my Introduction to Economics class. In this assignment, I was able to achieve 20 marks out of the possible 30 marks. Although I achieved an average score from the assignment, the score was attained through hard work and a considerable amount of struggles. I also achieved average scores in other continuous assessment tests done in the first semester. My best performance for the first semester was in Marketing Principles & Practice course, where I achieved grade A. My final examinations in all core units had a direct correlation with the grades that I had achieved in respective continuous assessment tests taken within the semesters. In the first semester, I had not taken any optional unit since I was having a computer class that took a considerable amount of time. In addition to the academic life and prospects, social life is of equal concern, particularly for a business student. During the first semester, I lived outside the campus, in a university-owned apartment that was preferred by most foreign students. Living with oversees students was very instrumental in my social life and future career. However, during the first semester, I never realized the significance of been close to students from different countries. The apartments provided accommodation to students from various countries such as German, France, the US, and Yemen. During the first semester, I focused on my extra class without considering the opportunity of been close to international students. For instance, I did not learn even a single German word from my colleagues of German origin or learn how to construct a single sentence in the French language. I, therefore, consider this as a lost opportunity.&nbsp.