Need an research paper on substance misuse and changing drinking behaviour. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. At times people get that the moderate use of alcohol is acceptable, in some cases, they are told alcohol is the drug that an individual only need to abstain till the age of twenty and above. In most advertisements and media images, alcohol has been presented as a means to success and enjoyable life. Statistics indicate that many teenagers begin consuming alcohol at an early age. The effects of teenagers drinking involve both health and safety-related problems. this includes domestic violence, and suicide (Kroll & Taylor, 2004, pp 45-115).Alcohol abuse among teenagers has been compared to problems associated with behaviour such as taking risks and acting out of emotion. I intend to talk the dangers of consuming alcohol to teenagers and human behaviour through a series of inquiry-based classroom lessons. Naturally, teenagers are scientists, they are curious about things that surround them and even about themselves (Pycroft, 2010, pp123-234). Owing to their little experiences in life, they view themselves as invincible, when teenagers are cautioned against getting involved in behaviours that seem risky, such as drinking alcohol. They think the warnings are not theirs but for other people.I intend to give teenagers the opportunity to construct their own understanding of alcohol and the risks involved in drinking alcohol (Keene, 2010, pp 235-276). I have also designed inquiry-based lessons to help teenagers increase their critical thinking skills. The teenagers will know the dangers of alcohol drinking. I believe with the enhanced understanding and skills, they will make informed decisions about real-life situations involving alcohol use (Goodman, 2009, pp 146-189). I also intend to sensitize parents on ways of preventing their children from indulging in alcohol drinking.Several factors have contributed to the use and misuse of alcohol among teenagers. Most societies are undergoing rapid change such as parents working longer hours, changes to family structure, having more single parents.&nbsp.