I will pay for the following article How the Internet Has Changed the Music Industry for Artists. The work is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. This impact brought to music production as a result of technological advancements has continually changed the way that artists and music producers relate in the field of music production. This is as shown by the way that the present forms of music differ from the earlier arrangements. The most diversified aspect is that in the production, as it is from the production line that music is derived.Music production has been highly modernized with respect to technological advancements. This is especially since the first forms of music production were an easy task that involved neither a lot of people nor any forms of complex instruments or mechanisms. The pioneering music production mechanisms involved quick processes that took only a couple of days and the music would have been produced. These early forms of recording, such as acoustical recording mechanisms, involved live and direct recording of the music on a medium. Through this, music was passed through some medium to finally reach the audience. However, this was not true recording, and the first landmark recording instrument in the music production was the phonautograph that was invented by Edouard Martinsville in the mid-19th century (Inglis 2006, p. 176). This invention formed the first true revolution in the production of music as it was the first instrument with the ability to capture and retain sound. However, it had the limitation of not being able to provide audio playback as it was only used in the analysis of the recording aspect. Nonetheless, it provided a firm foundation for the production and recording of music. Later on, in the century, other modifications had to be fixed to the mechanism to enable audio playback for the sounds captured by the device (Inglis 2006, p. 111). This was essential in the form of a phonograph, which was pioneered by Thomas Edison. The phonograph enabled the reproduction of recorded music.