I need some assistance with these assignment. who, if anyone, needs to have a liberal education Thank you in advance for the help! What does one mean by a “liberal” education, and what constitutes success? Under Shannon French’s definition, a liberal education studies a variety of issues (some of them frightening or disturbing) in order to produce a person who can define his or her morals and know why they have those morals. For French, if her students “come back with their shields” they have been successful (para. 24). Blanche Blank and Bill Coplin recognize that expecting universities to churn out workers destroys the underlying essence of a liberal education. Coplin’s portrait of a successful person paints someone who is dependable, pays attention to detail, works well in a team, can find and use information, is good at problem-solving, and who can write clearly (para. 18). Certainly, all those skills would serve anyone well in a working life, no matter if they have a college degree or not. These authors’ underlying definitions of a liberal education are right on the mark: Advanced schooling can be just about attaining a wide base of knowledge, and a liberal education is valuable even if it does not teach a specific skill set. Specific degrees are available for students to pursue, which are geared toward a working life. a broad education is just geared toward living a full and aware adulthood. Gregory clearly says that the only important job for humans is “deciding what kind of person he or she will become” (para. 12), so it can be assumed that a successful person “knows” himself or herself. By the same token, a failed person has focused solely on attaining skills and ignored all the other information that came by. Gregory very clearly articulates how he feels about a liberal education: “Liberal education is the pursuit of human excellence” (para. 10).