I need some assistance with these assignment. orangutan observation Thank you in advance for the help! The orangutan had a massive bodily structure and very developed muscles that helped her to move very fast and climb on trees in wild nature or swing on the artificially constructed beams located in the open-air-cage. The hind limbs are short and the front limbs, on the contrary, are very long and even reach the ankles. Such long front limbs help the orangutan to clamber up on the beams and robes in her cage. She didn’t take food from the zoo visitors but the other orangutans that lived in the cage did. although her front limbs were long and thin enough to fit between the bars and reach people. furthermore, she could have played with people with her long hands. Her hair was sparse, reddish-brown. the hair on the shoulders was longer. Toes could turn and be opposed to other fingers, which was considered as an adaptation for climbing trees. The orangutan was an old female, probably, the oldest in that zoo. She didn’t live alone in the open-air-cage but together with her family which consisted of her two children (young male and female orangutans).The routine of the orangutan didn’t have much activity because she moved rather slowly and the majority of the time she was busy with some static activities. For instance, first, she was trying to untangle some tree branches that were lying on the floor. She was so busy with the activity that it took around 40 minutes for her to systematize the branches and put them in some special place in the cage. This activity was one of many activities that she was doing during her morning ritual of cleaning. Probably, it looked like she was cleaning the territory because it was very alike to what people do when they clean their houses or yards. I noticed that despite she was moving rather slowly she was very focused on all of those activities and didn’t get disturbed on everything that was going on outside the cage. she was ignoring children’s calling her and all the loud noise outside the cage.