Hi, need to submit a 20500 words paper on the topic Appropriation & Hybridity in Taiwanese & American Art 1949-2000. There is a flawed assumption in China that the intricacy as well as extent of Chinese culture makes it impossible for those in the West to admire it. Still, the Eastern art had a thoughtful impact on Western impressionists where the work was hailed as the ultimate performance art form by master dramatists (Hong 2005). A number of Western artists have expressed their fascination with the spirit of nature in Chinese paintings and how Chinese artists imprison it in a few strokes, thereby, making the blank space on a canvas as reminiscent as the painting itself (Hong 2005). The delineation of Chinese ink and wash landscapes held by this contemporary has caused a substantial blend within the capital’s art circles.According to Bradley, Surrealism reflects the visual richness as well as vivacious confrontations in Documents between art, archaeology, ethnography and other popular culture (Bradley 1999). Moreover, it will focus upon some prominent Taiwanese modern Ink and Wash painters who were respectively influenced by the specific&nbsp.theories and figures of abstract expressionism as well as Surrealism. There have been examined several western methods and ideas which were adopted by the Taiwanese artists and their incorporation within the specific cultural contexts of the various schools of art that allow them to establish new, formal as well as stylistic innovations. These comparative perspectives will then be applied to Ink and wash modernists and the abstract expressionists with its leading representatives.