Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic The Issues of Office Gossip. On the other hand, all this issue was brought to the limelight through rumours in the office, and in actual fact, rumours in the office is an element of unethical behaviour. Lilly’s co-workers have been active in expressing their disgust concerning Lilly’s action by spreading rumours among each other.Essentially, Lilly is on the wrong side because she is unprofessional and she cheats on her husband. The conflict arises from the fact that her behaviour overlooks the principles of marriage and the qualities of a professional salesperson. Firstly, it is unprofessional for a salesperson to initiate a romantic relationship with a customer. Secondly, it is inappropriate for a woman especially a married woman with children to cheat openly on her husband. In this case, conflict arises when Lilly has to compromise her sales position and her role as a wife in order to engage in unjustified relation. Moreover, in this scenario, Lilly will not be able to focus on her task as a salesperson or as a wife and a mother, and ultimately, this is a huge risk to both the company and her family. Likewise, the spreading of rumours in the office is equally wrong since they cannot be confirmed to be true. Therefore, another form of conflict rekindles through being in a situation, which calls for taking an action that is based on rumours that are difficult to authenticate (Ferrell & Fraedrich, 2012).Many people are affected in this case. This starts with her family, co-workers and the company as a whole. In fact, two families are affected. Lilly’s family and Laski’s family. Since they are having a romantic relationship, they are not committed fully to their spouses. Secondly, Lilly’s co-workers are affected by this situation, and it is clear that they have not been impressed by Lilly’s action at all. The co-workers have publicly expressed their resentment toward Lilly. Ultimately, the company is affected by that productivity of the workers must have gone down because of Lilly’s action.&nbsp.&nbsp.