Homewom 12 due Mon May811z599m Problem 15.5Descrlbe the roles of wrlters, readers, and erasers In eukaryotlc gene regulatlon.Drag the terms on the left to the approprlate blanks on the rlght to complete the sentences. Terms can be used once. more than once. or not at all. m The protelns called | and | refer to the enzymes which modlfywriters and are recmlted to speclflc chromosome reglons by _ Speclflcally,eraser! add chem cal groups such as | or | groups toβ€”β€˜ , whereas remove those chemlca groups. Meanwhlle,DNA β€” refer to protelns that hlnd to the modlfled and then cause changes In chromatln structure. These stmctura changes make It ether more compact and therefore Ilkelriir to be transcrlbed, or more open and therefore Ilkelriir to be transcrlhed. hlstonas transcription factors phosphate more